Good food for a good cause

Thus saith the tagline of Food for Thought, an enterprise located in two premises, on North Bridge Rd, opposite of National Library and on Queen Street, opposite of the church of Sts. Peter and Paul. I really like how they promoted good causes while providing good food as well. For example, they used an A4 paper as a tablecloth with various writings on it, describing the causes that they supported through the enterprise: UN World Food Programme, clean water, orphan scholarship, World Vision, etc. Hence the customers would contribute as well to the causes through their purchase of food and drinks.

We bought their T-shirts too. I wanted to buy the one which said “‘Cause no child should starve in a world of happy meals”, but apparently that was the most popular of all and hence was sold out. So we bought “‘Cause our bathtubs drink better than 1/6th of the world” and “‘Cause apathy is so last millennium.” Really glad for this kind of business. A kind which is excellent in what they are doing, while doing it for the common good of humanity.


9 thoughts on “Good food for a good cause

    1. septian Post author

      main course nya 15-20, +gst 7%, tp ga ada service charge, krn katanya ‘we are glad to serve you’ hahaha. tp klo mau kasi tip bole.

      makanannya lmyn koq hoho.


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