The cup that was

1. Somehow I have personal bias against the United States and World Cup never fails to assure me that the US doesn’t really rule the world (must be some inferiority complex running inside myself). So I am always happy whenever the US crashed out from the cup. Yeah, it is kind of borderline weird obsession of mine.

2a. Thanks to GrassJelly flat for their hospitality so that I can watch some of the games at their place (hail RCTI). Sorry to see your Germany team to lose at the semis. They are really fun to watch. This year they have certainly won many hearts of the neutrals.

2b. Thanks to as well. Late evenings in the lab were not that miserable, I guess.

3a. I really like playing as a playmaker. Completing good passes gives you sheer joy. But, due to my (lack of) stamina (asthma problem at young age), usually I would play deeper so that I don’t need to run all over the field. Hence the joy of seeing Pirlo (protected by Gattuso) ruled the game in ’06. I still remembered vividly his pass to Grosso which eventually won the game against (again) Germany in the semis (again — they have lost to the eventual winner three times in a row since ’02).

3b. Better still, to see Spain passes the ball like there is no tomorrow. They would break opponents down into death eventually (Por: 73′, Par: 83′, Ger: 63′, Ned: 116′). At some points during their game against Germany, they actually just walked over the field while passing around the ball. I guess one should consult Mourinho to deliver the antidote.

3c. And an Arsenal player passed the ball to a Barca player for the final goal. I guess it pretty much symbolized the footballing philosophy which won this year’s World Cup.

4. And the prospect of watching ’14 World Cup in the mornings. Bleh. (To think about it, I’ll be 29 by that time. Whew.)


7 thoughts on “The cup that was

  1. Arifin Effendi

    2a. grassjelly? flat adhi,abed,jerry,anthony,ridwan?
    4. wew.. baru sadar gw.. pantes starhub n singtel mau ambil duit dl WC 2010 ini.. 2014 da susah ngeruk duit.. (will they let us watch WC 2014 during office hour? :D)

      1. Arifin Effendi

        4a. other solution: accumulate leave waktu tahun 2013.. jadi tahun 2014 bisa take half day lbh banyak (datang siang :p)

        1. ..Tozz..

          hahaha dikasih meh dtg siang terus pas WC :p

          solusi laen:
          – kerja shift, ambil shift malem terus
          – quit pas sblm WC, pastikan kerjaan baru mulainya abis WC :p

        2. d

          by 29, septian udah ga tinggal sama laki2 saja tuh kayaknya, bisa shift malem terus gitu? =p

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