Laptop sweet laptop

My laptop was under repair last week and it was returned from the manufacturer safe and sound yesterday (thank you @martinusraditya). For the past week my bag has been very light and I felt more comfortable going to places. This morning, then, I needed to trudge with my heavy bag again but surprisingly I welcomed well the new addition. I guess the additional weight reminded me that the laptop was in a good shape now and that I could work with it again.

And perhaps its a good metaphor for our life as well. Sometimes, or often, we feel that our burden is just too heavy to carry and we ever wish that our life will be easier like others (you know, the grass is always greener on the other side thing). But then I believe that his yoke will fit nicely for each one of us. The heavy burden might be a gift, after all.


3 thoughts on “Laptop sweet laptop

    1. septian Post author

      Useful Recommendation/s: Cleaning the notebook PC.

      · Cooling vents: Used compressed air spray, which is available from most computer retailers, to blow any debris out of the vents. Cooling vents on a notebook computer allow air to flow through it to regulate temperature. Dust buildup inside these vents interferes with the cooling process. The vents for your particular model may be located on the side, back, and/or bottom of the computer.

      · Input/Output (I/O) ports: Use compressed air spray to blow out any debris that has accumulated in and around these ports. There is a series of ports and other openings on the back and sides of the notebook computer, which are used to plug various accessories into the computer. Dust and grime in these ports can interfere with the connection, and cause accessories to perform poorly.

      · Notebook LCD: LCD screen accumulate smudges and scratches. Periodically use a cleaning solution or monitor wipes specifically made for computer monitors to clean the display screen. Do not use plastic or glass cleaners that contain ammonia because they may leave a glare-causing film on the screen. Spray the solution onto a clean, soft cotton cloth, and then gently wipe the screen with the cloth or towel.

      · Keyboard: If you have access to a small vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment, use it to clean the keyboard of debris. You may also use a small, stiff-bristled brush, such as a clean makeup brush or car detailing brush, to sweep between the keys. Use compressed air spray to blow out particles that get in between the keys. Do not use soap and water to clean the notebook display or keyboard.

      Bottomline: gw super jorok @.@


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