World hype

The mass media plays a significant part in our life today. We are influenced greatly by what we read in the news. Social networking has relatively democratized the power associated with the media, but traditional news outlets still hold considerable power and influence. They shape our mind and our opinions, for better or for worse. Language also plays a part here. The sun has not set yet on the British Empire, English is currently the lingua franca (or lingua inglese?) of the global world, and hence the pervasiveness of American/English medias. In the case of football, then, it means more hypes on the English football team. You know, the so-called golden generation of English football. But hypes will be exposed sooner or later as, well, hypes. So actually it should come as no surprise when they lost convincingly to the Germans (you know you are doomed if the Germans played like the Brazilians). But, yeah, hindsight is always 20/20.

The Americans are funny, too. Americans tend to think in superlative terms, I guess, since they are the Big Brother of the world. A few weeks ago I watched a segment on ESPN where the analyst said that USA-England game would be the most anticipated match-up in the World Cup. Well, I’d take that statement with a pinch of salt. Perhaps what he really meant was the most anticipated match-up for the Americans. But then he continued by saying that Landon Donovan was the Steve Nash of the soccer [football] world. For those who are unfamiliar with NBA, Steve Nash is the current point guard of the Phoenix Suns and one of the top point guards in the league. So, to say that Landon Donovan is the Steve Nash of the soccer world is like comparing Landon Donovan with Xavi Hernández of Spain. So you got the idea.

Well, that’s one problem when the media shaped our expectation significantly. And, sometimes, unrealistically.


2 thoughts on “World hype

  1. d

    the english like to cerate a lot of hype.. in anything.

    the us will somehow believe they are the best.. in everything.


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