Killing our own soul

Hatred against evil is perhaps a common experience for most of us. But, more often than not, we might have ended up killing our own soul when we expressed our anger. For example, recently FPI hit the news again with their as-usual-are-you-kidding-me acts. And, as usual as well, we were outrageous towards them (or simply puzzled?). And this is when things could become ugly. We really need to be careful when we condemn evil, so that we won’t end up being like the very thing that we hate. Although we might not imitate their actions, certainly our hearts do.

Miroslav Volf put this eloquently in one of the chapters of his recent book, Against the Tide, but I just can’t find the exact reference when I tried to find it. Fortunately he wrote a similar thing in his other book, Exclusion and Embrace (I still love the Against the Tide‘s sentence more, though). Anyway, here is what he wrote: “Sin is here the kind of purity that wants the world cleansed of the other rather than the heart cleansed by the evil that drives people out by calling those who are clean ‘unclean’ and refusing to help make clean those who are unclean.” (Miroslav Volf, Exclusion and Embrace, p. 74)

FPI might want the world cleansed of the kafir, and it is totally wrong to want such thing, but, unfortunately, we could end up in wanting the world cleansed of FPI as well.


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