Hellenism and Americanism

Since Martin Hengel’s study in his Hellenism and Judaism, it is commonly accepted that Palestinian Jews have been influenced by Hellenism since the middle of third century B.C. So the question is not whether, say, Jesus of Nazareth was influenced by Hellenism, but what kind of influence Hellenism had on Jesus (and how he responded to accordingly).

The contemporary analogy would be the relationship between Americanism and the rest of the world. The question, I believe, is not whether we are influenced by Americanism, but what kind of influence Americanism had on us (and how we respond to accordingly). Trust me, even FPI and Osama have been influenced by some kind of Americanism.

As what Hellenism had been in the late ancient era, Americanism is the pervasive cultural force of our time.


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