Church and business

We have some well-established models to describe the relationship between the church and the state: the church over the state, the state over the church, the church transforming the state, the church against the state, and so on. Well, perhaps it might be interesting to talk about the relationship between the church and business, since it is clear that we can’t win against the state anymore (they have an army!), so perhaps it will be more prudent to shift our target to the world of commerce.

1. Church as business

This is easy. Church is considered as a charity, so it is non-taxable. And we just hate paying taxes. So, why not starting up a church as your means of living? Isn’t now the era of entrepreneurship? How about theopreneurship? People get saved and your family can get something to eat? I call it win-win solution.

2. Church as one of your businesses

To build upon point #1, when your church has grown large, it’s a signal to start diversifying your business. There is a large untapped market over there. Surely they have some basic needs that you can fulfil as well, couldn’t you? So, for example, you can consider to open a publishing house (for the sake of their spiritual growth!), or a café just across the road (lunch after church is the best way to promote bonding between the members). The key is to understand your congregation (you are their pastor anyway, so you know them best) and be creative.

3. Business in church

This one is a little bit different. You are not the pastor of the church, unlike in point #1 and #2. But, of course, you can still do some businesses in church. If the congregation size is in the figure of hundreds, surely there is already a need for an insurance or a property agent, don’t you think? Eternal assurance and temporal insurance go hand in hand.

4. Business for church

This must be the noblest of all. Generate a high income from your business and give generously to the church. Apply reverse tithing: 90% to the church and 10% for your daily needs.

5. Church against business

Isn’t 2008 global financial crisis good enough to convince you that business is intrinsically evil? Do you really want to serve Mammon?

(This post is written in the spirit of total absurdity.)


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