More on meritocracy

Here we are measured by how much we have climbed the ladder of success. And so we try many ways to achieve it. The bulletproof method, it is commonly believed, is through education, so we make our way through it as well as we can. Of course, not everyone of us is gifted. Hence we send our kids to tuition. (But, I do think that something is wrong when most, if not all, students are going for tuition. It defeats the purpose of the formal system itself.)

Then we try more things, just to make sure that we still have the competitive edge. And what if there is a god who promises you success in life? You will give him a try, as well, since it could be the way to go to conquer the system. Unknowingly, we have reshaped yet another god according to our image. We have fitted a god according to this meritocratic system. And, of course, this kind of god, which more appropriately should be called an idol, will surely fail us, sooner or later. (On the other hand, naturally this god will attract a lot of followers, which it does.)


One thought on “More on meritocracy

  1. pedro

    meritocracy is not only unbiblical, it is also elitist and ‘evolutionist’ in promoting survival of the fittest. this ‘god’ will not only fail us, it will bring to its own downfall.

    as a young student, i already dispised the logic of going for tuition, or getting tips on how to do well in exams. i studied the old and traditional way – hard work or no work.

    going for tuition, is another religion. religion of the intellect, worship of intellectual giftedness. TOTALLY WRONG.

    competition only brings destruction, and unfortunately so self-destruction as well. (you can substitute competition with ‘free trade’.) i have not done the hermenutics, but i am sure the biblical use of ‘race, racing’ is of different nature than the worldly competition.

    should i go on? :)


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