On communality

The first session of the camp talked about individuality and communality. The speaker argued from the story of creation that humans are meant for community, since it is not good for the first man to be alone. Then we were split into different groups, according to our age, to discuss about the session further. I joined the young adults group, and there was a comment saying that actually the first man was in the better place, since he didn’t know sin when he was alone. He knew sin only after the woman was created — “The woman whom you gave to be with me, she gave me fruit of the tree!”

So, as the logic went, it would be better if the woman was never created, so that the man did not sin. Well, I would argue that actually in some sense eating the fruit is still “better” than being alone (not in the romantic sense, but in the communal sense). When the first man was alone, “it is not good.” And it reversed all the “good”-s spoken before in chapter 1 and 2. If communality is order, eating the fruit is disorder. But, to be alone is chaos. When the first man was alone, the Spirit was still hovering over the face of the waters. When he was alone, the creation has not reached the goal yet.

There is a risk when you try to live in a community, but it is worth the risk. Love renders oneself vulnerable to others. There is an inherent risk when we love.


2 thoughts on “On communality

  1. pedro

    you oughta come to this class with ringma with me, on “Building Christian Communities”. we have been talking about communities, and gosh, there is so much to learn, and he has so much to say about community. “intentional christian communities” (ICCs) are to be god’s loyal opposition to the institutional church, he said – how about that? the protestant/ evangelical mchurch today overlooks trinity (in communion) and sacrement, he talked in class today. this is not directly addressing what you have written in your blog, but it is an extension to what you have wrriten there.

    at the end of the day, we need to pursue community, model it well, we need to believe in community, after we have heard the challenge to live in community, we need to live it out.

    1. septian Post author

      could you explain further the distinction between ICCs and the institutional church? since im still pretty huge to the latter.. :p


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