On meritocracy

On the church camp last week, I attended a workshop on meritocracy (superbly delivered by Ci Anggle and Billy), which permeates the whole Singapore landscape, with a specific focus on its education system. One thing struck me. They said that although perhaps we ourselves were not affected by meritocratic mindset, our colleagues were. And it means that they are trained to classify each person according to their merits, abilities, etc. And now I understand why it is such a good news to my labmate when I said to him that everyone of us is equal and have the same dignity. Meritocracy, sadly, has produced a caste-like system. And he thought that he was of the lower one since he could only get into ITE and Poly and was not able to get into NTU. The gospel, indeed, has the power to rescue us.

(For those who are looking for updates in this blog, no, I haven’t been raptured, yet.)


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