A native tourist

1. Vinoth said that, instead of doing mission exposure trips, how about “simply travelling as tourists and exploring the countries we visit, learning about the history and culture as we do so”? Now let us do this simple experiment while I am on vacation for one week.

2. I realized that I had arrived in Jakarta when the passengers had started scrambling for their bags while the plane was still taxiing. I guess here ‘order’ spells c-h-a-o-s.

3. I met my arch-rival: motorcycles. If I were to justify myself and ask Jesus who my neighbour is, I would certainly exclude motorcycles from the list.

5 thoughts on “A native tourist

    1. pedro

      I agree totally with Martin.

      You call Jakarta your tourist destination? I know what you mean though.

      Perhaps, ‘The Return of the Prodigal Son’ is more appropriate.


      On #2, that has become a bit of a global phenonmenon now, sadly, don’t just pick on your fellow country people.


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