Iron Man 2

A few memorable quotes from the movie:

1. “I have successfully privatized world peace.” (Tony Stark)

The movie is pretty similar with X-Men Origins. It glorifies superhero-ism and patriotism (and sprinkles of messianism), which of course reflects the cultural worldview of the USA. Uncle Sam is the big brother of the world, no?

The quote above underlines further the Americanism of this movie (or, at least, the Republican ethos), which glorifies privatization, sometimes at the expense of common good. Everything can be and must be privatized, since government is the ultimate form of evil. If even the United Nations could not provide world peace, why don’t we privatize the effort?

2. “If you could make god bleed, people will cease to believe in him. There will be blood in the water, and the sharks will come.” (Ivan Vanko)

Remember 9/11? The moment when a self-believing god bled, and then took a hyperbolical revenge?

In other news, our God does bleed. And indeed perhaps it’s hard to believe in a God who was nailed, bled and died (and rose again). In response to such God, then, we are compelled to ask: what kind of superpower (pun intended) God is?


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