Across the sea and around the world 07

1. Bibledex project is completed! Woohoo! A video about every book in the Bible! The last video posted is (of course) on the Revelation:

2. I just knew that there are a lot of hidden emoticons in Google Talk (thanks, dun).

3. Zacchaeus, on behalf of the Caesar, has sent the annual income tax payment letter! Seriously, though, somehow I like paying income tax. Btw, the income tax rate in Singapore is pretty low. If your income approaches infinity, the rate will be 20%, and it is even lower than the rate in Indonesia which is capped at 30%.

4. Shihlin’s handmade oyster mee sua is good!

5. Tomorrow one team of students will be going to Cambodia and on Friday another team will be going to Batam. They are going for short mission trips; will appreciate if we could pray for them.

6. And another team will be going to Japan next month, so we could pray for them as well (btw, this is a fascinating stop-motion video on a trip in Japan).

7. Finally, to illustrate Vinoth’s point, the FES camp in Cambodia needs US$2700, and the total cost of the trip (for the Singapore and Indonesia team) is more than that. So, to put it crudely, why don’t we just use the money for the trip (for 10 persons) to finance the whole camp camp (for 90 persons)? So you get the idea why super short-term mission trips (I reserve “short-term” mission trips to those which take from 6 months to 2 years) are costly, and why you need to justify them from other angles (and, yes, I still organize mission trips).


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