Mice Story 07

Live-blogging from the (temporary) final session of rodenticide!

0845: I forgot to bring the formalin bottles. Asked help from my labmate.

0900: Scanned the first mouse!

Anyway, congrats Chelsea!

0940: Nature’s call.

CDCM courses at TTC for July-September 2010: (1) Communicating the Gospel effectively and (2) What is authentic Christian spirituality?

1015: Not rusty at all. Next!

Btw, congrats also to those who had their FYP presentation today!

1150: Body count – 25.

Why do you think Tom Wright is so popular?

1300: The third mouse woke up when I was about to kill him. Creepy.

1430: Fourth mouse also woke up. Today’s mice were warriors.

1545: Bored.

1715: Finished! Mission accomplished. Now, publish or perish!

1730: I was given an extra mouse in the morning. Couldn’t return it. Must kill it. Final tally: 30.

Anyway, this is cool:


8 thoughts on “Mice Story 07

  1. pedro

    I was referring to the Tom Wright link. LOL!

    Annie’s stuff? She is good. I showed that to P1 to P6 in church.


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