Approximating God’s Mercy (AGM)

This is a follow-up for my earlier post: Annual Gratitude Moment.

AGM, as an institution, was not found by us. We adopt the practice of AGM. However, it doesn’t mean we assimilate it wholesale. Aside from adopting, we also adapt it. We mold it to suit our own identity. We modify it. We make it fit. For example, we pray and we sing songs of praise while we are in the AGM, things which are not usually done in any AGM elsewhere. So in some sense actually we have adapted AGM and not merely adopted it.

Although, in these cases, what we did was to add things which were usually absent from a usual AGM. How about the items which are already present in any other AGM? Should we simply copy them or should we also adapt them as well? I would argue that we should do the latter rather than the former. We adopt the practice, but we would run it in different way.

A good example would be the annual report, which is universally present in all kinds of AGM. This is the raison d’etre of an AGM, anyway. For the outgoing committee to present what has been done throughout the year. The problem is, the common setting of annual report presentation is similar to the imagery of a lawcourt. Where the outgoing committee becomes the defendant and the audience becomes the judge/jury.

The question then, is this imagery appropriate for a Christian organization? Or, is there any other imagery which might be more appropriate? Previously I have argued that the Lord’s table imagery would be a more appropriate setting for the annual report presentation. Where we gather together and celebrate God’s mercy which triumphs over our ups and downs throughout the year. It is a celebration of God’s faithfulness despite of our faithlessness. As we witness such grace, we celebrate. Let us offer the annual report, which symbolized our whole year as a fellowship, as an offering of thanksgiving.

Must the lawcourt imagery be false, then? Perhaps not, either. If we could defend and justify the imagery, please do so. I would not hold against it. I just want to encourage all of us to think what does AGM mean for a Christian fellowship, so that we don’t just simply copy the common practice, but to adopt it to be faithful with the Gospel that we hold dear together. In that sense, AGM is transformed into a form of Christian witness.


26 thoughts on “Approximating God’s Mercy (AGM)

  1. d

    sept, the law-court imagery comes with a package: the suit-and-tie attire and the ‘extended’ duration of the meeting.

    drop the two, and u will get rid of the dikaiosune mini-game.

  2. septian Post author

    btw btw.. tabel AGM trend-nya Herry uda diupdate (by request dari Herry yg lagi liburan di Taiwan dan bisa menikmati shihlin crispy chicken yg original.. o begitu besar kasihnya kepada AGM).. notulisnya bener gk ya?

    trend bahwa ketua/sekjen berasal dari pelayan AGM sebelumnya akhirnya berhenti juga.. :p

    anw, herry’s words are still a gem:

    “According to the trends, it’s amazing that those Presidents and Gen-Secs were part of AGM team before. Indeed it’s true, despite many bitterness and arguments; through AGM we can see what are the essence of our ministry, our core businesses and our relevance.”

    indeed, herry is like a sage on agm:

    1. Ind

      Itu kurang banget… Notulis total ada 7… Agnes Novi Devina Anne Priscil Marcia Yolanda. Haha.

      And I do hope Herry’s words can truly happen. =)

        1. Ind

          Sip2… just some other minor things:
          1.) Rendi, bukan Rendy
          2.) Tim amandemen PO: Hendrik S.S. dan Daniel P.S.
          3.) Lunch: Kantin A, Dinner: Kantin 2
          4.) Just a thought. Instead of cuman Ketua dan Sekjen, kira2 bisa diliat ga ya berapa banyak petugas AGM yang actually menerima pelayanan exco? =)

        2. septian Post author

          ok ud diupdate… btw let me know if you wanted the file. i think it must be handed down from herry already.. :p

    2. Kristo

      I don’t need to answer anymore. Herry’s writing already sum it all up. AGM is a process. The discussion, the heat, the bitterness, is all necessary IMHO. For through those ‘hellish’ hours, something heavenly can come out.

      1. septian Post author

        I guess this is where we differ. God indeed could work out something heavenly from a hellish system, but it doesn’t mean we should retain it. I do believe in painful growth, but not all of them might be legitimate. The one-million-dollar question then is which one is legitimate and which one is not. If anything, it testifies that God still triumphs over our utmost waywardness.

      2. Kristo

        You are making me sound like a masochist. Haha..

        Jokes aside, I have to concur that some of what we have right now is not necessary, and can create unwanted tensions. But there are things that can only be learned the hard way. Having said that, though, our statement became similar, albeit approached from different side.

        But thank God for difference. At least it is the start point of the journey to answer the one-million-dollar question =)

        1. septian Post author

          gak bermaksud.. hahaha yup2 I believe we differ in degrees, not in black-and-white term. To put it in other words, fuzzy logic, not binary. :p

        2. d

          satu pertanyaan yg mirip, tentang ospek sma/kuliah:

          is it necessary? –> tentunya jawaban orang berbeda2

  3. Monica

    btw di AGM trend ada yg salah jg yah, sejak kapan taon 2007 gw jd penulis? dateng aja ga =D
    n as far as I know ga ada Monic laen di taon itu kan yah? ato ada tapi gw ga pernah tau? LOL =D

  4. marcella~

    berarti di AGM trend salah tuh yg 2007 dimulai dgn huruf M
    lagian itu bukan trend i think? mgkn hrsnya dimasukin yg di list di bawahnya ya bukan trend.. soalnya cm 1 thn =)


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