Annual Gratitude Moment (AGM)

What is the setting, the scene, Sitz im Leben of an Annual General Meeting? Is it a law-court, where we have a defendant, a plaintiff, and a judge? Or is it like a banquet in the Lord’s table, where the mood is celebratory and joyous? I know that probably it doesn’t make sense, but could we ratify the annual report first before we even discuss about it, symbolically affirming that the faithfulness of the Lord over the past year overcomes our waywardness?

Like, you know, the prodigal father who threw a feast when his younger son returned home. The father, who, upon hearing his younger son confession that he had wronged his father and hence didn’t feel worthy to be called his son, seemed oblivious to his son’s confession and simply responded, “Quick! Bring the best robe and put it on him! Let’s have a feast and celebrate!”

Let’s have a feast and celebrate!

Just saying.


4 thoughts on “Annual Gratitude Moment (AGM)

  1. d

    the fellowship is amalgamation of 3. It is Indonesian, Students, and Christian.

    What you are suggesting is Christian.

    The law-court imagery is popular among any Students’ highly critical meetings.

    the Indonesian.. will maybe bring out the ‘bertele-tele’ and ‘the kindergarten’ aforementioned.

    knock wood.

  2. marcella~

    komen yang diatas ini keren. hohohoho. apalagi yg paragraf kedua dr terakhir.
    or maybe we can shorten that phrase into: Indonesian –> “debat kusir”


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