To make jealous

Sri Mulyani was appointed to be one of the World Bank’s three managing directors and the news spread like wildfire. It was received with mixed feelings. We rejoiced and mourned at the same time. In our vast country, trustworthy and competent public officers are elusive and SMI is one of them. The mixed feelings were reflected in the market as the stock index dropped significantly and the national currency weakened immediately after hearing the news. Nevertheless, on the other hand, the appointment served as a mini-vindication to SMI for her still ongoing cage fight with the Kindergarten. The kids cried out way too loud and an Ivy-league university offered the good teacher a job. Seriously, the Kindergarten is a joke.

But perhaps indeed a prophet is honored everywhere except in his own hometown. He might be beneficial to other villages, but he might be killed by his own people. Does it mean that his hometown is rejected, then? Have it stumbled so as to fall beyond recovery? By no means! If his honor in other villages could provoke jealousy among his people (Rm 11), perhaps there is still hope for the hometown, after all.


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