My name is Middle-class

My name is Middle-class.

I am like many of you.

I went to school; primary school, secondary school, high school, etc.

Then I went to College. I earned a degree, then I found a job.

Then I got married. We bought a small and sweet house in the suburb, just enough for the family.

Then we had a child. Two children. Make it three. Middle-class Jr., Middle-class II, Middle-class III.

Then we bought a car, since it became tedious to go around with public transport for the five of us. An SUV, please.

Then we sent our kids to school; primary school, secondary school, high school, etc. You know the story.

On weekends we brought our kids to the restaurants. McDonalds, KFC, Burger King. Or some fancier ones, if the account permits.

Once in a while we brought our kids for a trip. You know the place. Genting, Penang, Kinabalu, Siam Reap. We planned for Europe or North America, but, well, unfortunately we had not been able to do so.

Then our kids grew up. They graduated from College, they found a job, and they left our house.

Then we grew old. I retired, and enjoyed life from my small and sweet house.

Then I died. I breathed my last and died in a good old age, an old man and full of years.

How about my kids? Well, you know the story.


6 thoughts on “My name is Middle-class

    1. septian Post author

      this is, I believe, a common script of life (with tweaks here and there) of the middle class.. and it depends from what perspective you see it. you could see it as an utopian way of life (neither rich, neither poor, isn’t it what the proverbs tell us?), or a perfectly boring way of life which is handed down through the generations.

      1. yosua

        always see things on the bright side!
        (I don’t see case of economic crisis impact, get cheated, family problems, neighbor ask for help, or any ‘usual’ for middle class.. but well, whatever..)

        1. yosua

          I almost forget to add essential and all important ‘plumbing problems’ to this one =P

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