April is not for fools

1a. It’s been an eventful month at work. I almost finish my first set of experiments with one more scanning session to go. Of course, before more sets coming in.

1b. The data have been accumulated and now I’m ready to write my confirmation report. Before that, I need to write one paper. After that, two papers.

1c. So perhaps I could see the light at the end of the tunnel now. I plan to submit my thesis by the end of next year (fingers crossed, twisted, whatever). But then, your plan might not be my plan.

1d. At the young adults fellowship last week, the speaker told us that she received a report saying that cancer will be the leading cause of death worldwide in 2010. Well, in other news, cancer is still a freak phenomena of nature.

1e. The other side of the coin of my workload is I wouldn’t be able to accompany the team who will be going to Cambodia for the mission exposure trip. I need to meet the pharma (and, perhaps, to do another experiment) at that period of time. Sorry again.

1f. My supervisor has flown to Stockholm last midnight for a conference. My another supervisor cancelled his trip because of the safety issue. I hope he will be back safe and sound next week.

2a. FESIM biannual meeting was held three weeks ago. We’ve come to a phase where the founding fathers are no longer with us and that the ministry is entrusted to and run by the graduates of the ministry itself. Not too shabby, I guess.

2b. Update on Jayaraj: His visit pass has been extended to mid-May, because only then his salary will be paid back.

2c. I want to study at St. Andrews. It holds a triannual conference on Scripture and Christian Theology (on Gospel of John in 2003, on the Epistle to the Hebrews in 2006, and on the book of Genesis in 2009). It has a strong faculty: Philip Esler, Trevor Hart, Alan Torrance, etc. It also has Nathan MacDonald, Reader in Old Testament, leads the Sofja-Kovalevskaja research team, which conducts research on the unity and diversity of Early Jewish monotheisms in the biblical texts from the exilic and Persian periods. Really solid faculty. N. T. Wright will be there. Dream high and dream on.

2d. Speaking of courses, anyone wants to take New Testament Greek course in BGST next semester? It would be fun to learn Greek, I promise you. Or not. I’ll be taking two courses, by the way. NT Foundations every Monday and NT Greek every Thursday. Let me know if you are interested too. The more the merrier!

3. The toilet bowl at our room leaks (again). I’ve called a plumbing service to fix the leak. The thing is, you only need 5-10 mins to fix the leak and they will charge you S$30-40. I believe it is a simple problem to solve. It’s just that we don’t have the tools to open the toilet bowl. (How about opening a plumbing service business myself?)

4. Marva Dawn on the Sabbath. Happy long weekend!


4 thoughts on “April is not for fools

  1. pedro

    Finger-crossed I will be taking Maria Dawn course in Regent, as well as Charles Ringma’s on new monastic movements.

    I just wrote on my Facebook suggesting perhaps TTC’s female students could show one or two tricks on fixing toilets. Hypothetical it is.


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