St. Andrew and Asiatic Christianity

Interestingly, Andrew, the brother of Peter, was regarded as the founder of the church in Constantinople in 38 AD. Constantinople, of course, would become the centre of the church province of Asia Minor (present day Turkey). Somehow it fits nicely with the place it accorded to Andrew in the Fourth Gospel, where Andrew was the first disciple to be mentioned in the Gospel, particularly if we agreed with the hypothesis that the Fourth Gospel originated in Ephesus, which was located in the province of Asia Minor. In this case, it didn’t matter whether it was written by John son of Zebedee or John the Elder. What could be inferred here is only the origin of the Gospel. Of course, it could become some kind of chicken-and-egg problem. But, even if it did, it meant that the Fourth Gospel did exert a huge influence in the province of Asia Minor.


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