A minion report

Scientific enterprise has its own power-plays, battles and wars to be fought. Your project investigator might be the warlord, while you are only a minion. And sometimes you just could not understand what happened between Cao Cao, Liu Bei, and Sun Quan. On why they fought and why they just could not be at peace with each other. As minions, we don’t really have many options. Our duty is to fight for our respective warlord. Unfortunately, most of the time it was the minions who were caught in the crossfire.


4 thoughts on “A minion report

  1. Martin

    But minion killed Zhang Fei and that ruined Liu Bei’s expedition towards Sun Quan. It might be well said that Shu can’t recover properly after that incident.

    Cao Cao was also killed by ‘cancer’ (aha!) because his paranoid prevented him to be cured by Hua Tuo.

    Sun Quan’s empress was strangled by her ‘minions’ while she was asleep. They can’t stand of her attitude.


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