Mice Story 05

1. Mice #01: Vomitted blood while dying.

Black-colored blood.

2. Mice #02: I accidentally broke its ribs.

I entered the MR machine room without wearing a headset. And now I am feeling a bit dizzy. Sound pollution hurts.

3. Mice #03: Legs struggling while dying.

Somehow I just couldn’t euthanize properly today.

4. Mice #04: Died in less than five seconds. The tumor was larger than the head. Now imagine a tumor growing inside your body and it’s larger than your head..

5. Mice #05: R.I.P.

Prof: “Since the tumor was so huge, right, perhaps actually we have alleviated their pain by killing them.” Principles of Euthanasia 101.

6. Mice #06: The image viewer crashed. Bleh.

Body count, as 14 Apr’10: 23.

I felt smell of mice again on my throat like last week. Argh. Must have inhaled too much mice again. You sow what you reap, huh.


17 thoughts on “Mice Story 05

  1. pedro

    where is your mice story #6?

    hey, your mice body count reminds me of the death toll from the so-called “crackdown” in BKK in recent days. 24 or 25 as of today.

    what is in common abt the mice/ red protestors/ army deaths?

    can’t help it, political animal i am.


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