Mice Story 04

It started with me showing my labmate an image where the tumor was really huge. It was so huge such that the spine and the major arteries of the mouse were displaced. Then my labmate innocently told me to ask forgiveness for doing such thing (implanting the tumor, scanning, killing, etc.) lest I want to be a mouse in my next life. I replied that I didn’t believe in reincarnation. Then I explained what I do believe.

I believe in a good God creating a good world with good human beings. Nevertheless, humans screwed up the thing and the world went haywire. Then I asked him, if you were god and you created such a good world, but now it messed up, what would you do? Will you abandon the world or will you try to rescue and renew it? He answered, well I will definitely be angry but I think I will try to rescue it.

Then I explain what indeed God has done to renew the world. He started the global rescue project by calling an obscure man from Near East called Abram and penultimately through Jesus of Nazareth. I asked him whether he wanted to follow this Jesus, who was raised from the dead as the beginning of new creation, and he answered that he would consider it.

Next, we will try to discuss a few passages from the Scriptures to let him read them by themselves, since I told him what if just now all that I told him were lies. I want him to check them out by himself, and he agreed to do so. I told him, since we will be having lots of long nights at the lab, we will have plenty of time to do so!

Most memorable moment:

Labmate: Christian groups [denominations] are like Qi Gong and Xiang Gong, right?

Me: Huh?


13 thoughts on “Mice Story 04

  1. pedro

    stewardship is also in the present. that’s why i don’t agree that we can continue messing this world up – killing mice in your case. yes, god has called abram, and his creation story continues with jesus christ, so all the more we can’t mess things up.

    anyway, i agree totally what you said to your labmate. indeed, our faith is a continuous story, it’s not a chopped up religion.

    but i still think you have wronged the mouse, though it has not done anything to you. :D

    1. septian Post author

      well we could have an argument for the basis of using an animal model in research. i believe the christian position on this issue varies. you could even find christians arguing for vegeterianism (e.g., Greg Boyd). personally i comply with the common ethical practice in animal research: minimum number of mice used with minimal pain involved (there are rules on how you could kill the mice!).

      1. pedro

        over lunch, we (theological students) were discussing how money brains were extracted for human consumption. :p brutal! (man, we were all eating.) anyway serious points aside, it’s my fear in killing all these things that compel me to wash my hands clean from directly involved in animal testing/ cruelty, inc. biology from day one.

        1. d

          u meant “monkey brains”? if im not mistaken its an urban legend. anyone have 1st/2nd hand info? most is only 3rd hand..

        2. septian Post author

          haha actually i never expected this to happen when i enrolled for my phd study.

          no problem. let me try to articulate this formally and fully one day. now i’m still grasping with the issue. in fact, i do first, think later.

    2. d

      in the context of cancer research, wouldnt ‘not killing mice’ be “messing this world up”? since the bane of cancer is then unstoppable?

      1. septian Post author

        i know i would be speaking against myself if i said this: but let say if (if! if! if!) killing animals for research is actually not ‘biblical’ (whatever it means) yet it is unavoidable, aren’t we just rehearsing the argument for just war?

        1. d

          wah scary u really know how to answer according to each person.

          answer a fool according to his folly huh.

          anw i thought abt the same thing just after i clicked “submit”..lol

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