Across the sea and around the world 02

1. current cover story is on the study of historical Jesus. Scot McKnight (North Park University) contended that scholarly attempts to discover the ‘real’ Jesus might have failed. Tom Wright (Bishop of Durham), Craig Keener (Palmer Theological Seminary), and Darrell Bock (Dallas Theological Seminary) responded.

2. Speaking of historical Jesus, Ben Witherington III has written a series of posts creatively retelling the Gospels: The Gospel of Jesus (so far he has posted three parts). Worth reading.

3. Last time I posted a video by Bruce Waltke on why the church should accept evolution. Less than two weeks later, the video was taken from Youtube and Waltke resigned from the Reformed Theological Seminary where he has taught for so many years. The news was even covered by a mainstream media. And yes, he lost his job because of the video.

This means that Waltke is the second prominent Evangelical Old Testament scholar to be ousted from a conservative Reformed seminary. The previous one is Peter Enns, who parted ways from the Westminster Theologigal Seminary in 2008 because the board of trustees didn’t think that Enns’ book, Incarnation and Inspiration, to fall within the boundary of the Westminster Confession of Faith. So much for semper reformanda.

4. Rowan Williams reviewed Philip Pullman’s The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ.

5. The Fourth Anglican Global South to South Encounter will be held in Singapore from 19 to 23 April 2010. Will the good bishop (cultic tendencies alert) be there? Perhaps not, since he will be at Wheaton for the 19th Annual Wheaton Theology Conference which will talk about, well, himself. Will Rowan be there?


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