Shopping spree

From a book sale at TTC.

1. Marilynne Robinson, Gilead, FSG. Winner of the 2005 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.

2. Karl Barth, Evangelical Theology: An Introduction, Eerdmans. “Evangelical theology is concerned with Immanuel, God with us! Having this God for its object, it can be nothing else but the most thankful and happy science.” Ah, happy science. I like the phrase.

3. Daniel Boyarin, Border Lines: The Partition of Judaeo-Christianity, UPenn Press. Boyarin is a Jewish scholar who wrote A Radical Jew: Paul and the Politics of Identity (one of the few Jewish scholars who worked on Paul: Mark Nanos, Pamela Eisenbaum, Alan Segal, etc.).

4. Brevard S. Childs, The Book of Exodus (Old Testament Library), WJK. Childs was famous for his canonical approach to Scripture (contra form-criticism) and was associated with the Yale Postliberal school (Lindbeck, Frei).

And Peter lent me Al Hsu’s book, The Single Issue (IVP), which talked about singleness. And Al Hsu got married after writing the book.


4 thoughts on “Shopping spree

  1. pedro

    Shopaholic Sept!

    Btw, don’t be mistaken, The Single Issue is for your browsing and reading pleasure, one day I will get it back. It is THE book of my life, next to the Bible.

    1. septian Post author

      oops. i thought you have two copies haha. it turns out you only have a single copy of the single issue. thanks for singling it out.. :p

  2. d

    pas masi jomblo lebih militan ya. kayak joshua harris, habis kawin dengar2 dia bilang, jangan terlalu dianggap serius bukunya itu (cmiiw)


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