Mice Story 03

1. A weekly dose of Karma. Prof: “Although you ate less pork than LPS [my labmate], your karma is surely bigger than him.”

2. Now I’m working with mice implanted with human tumor cell lines. Chimera is real. It does not only exist in the mythology and video games.

3. And I just realized that this is a high risk job. I repeat: human tumor cell lines.

4. Lung tumor is slimy, watery, phlegmy, njijiki. Yuck.

5. Liver, stomach, pancreas, kidney, intestine, lung — tumors. Have seen them all.

6. Could you imagine having a tumor as large as half of your body? And to think that the mice would still survive with such kind of tumor. Supermice!

7. Me: “Hey Prof, since these mice have been living such a useful life, sacrificing themselves for the sake of human being, I think they will become cats in the next life.”


6 thoughts on “Mice Story 03

  1. Martin

    you need to ask for more increment in the coming year..
    not to forget that we might suffer increase in flat rent too..

    1. septian Post author

      just finished killing the third mice today. the tumor was huge.

      waiting for this month’s payslip.. since the annual increment is usually on april hoho.

      1. Ryl

        By the way, sep, curious.
        Interaksi dengan sel2 (yang kecil) itu, Is there protection kepada kalian, para researchernya, dari bahaya terkena tumor krn sel2 tsb?
        As in, orang flu agak “diisolasi”, simply karena orang laen takut tertular misalnya.

        1. septian Post author

          hehe.. sebelum exptnya kita mesti submit form dulu indicate bakal ada hazard apa ngga.. menurut scientist yg bikin tumornya ini sih ngga ada ya.. but we’ll never know. if there is a hazard, we will only know it in 10-15 years.

        2. Ryl

          Hoho. Very well then.
          It affirms that faith is included in every believer’s action, not? :D
          Onward, faith-ful scientist(s)!!

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