Easter at the Far East

Collection of links for the Passion Week in general and the Resurrection Sunday in particular.

1. An impressive Good Friday liturgy at Chen Li Presbyterian Church by H2O (Herry and Hezron Organization — sorry, can’t resist it). See also the video montage for the Resurrection Sunday. By the way, you should make something like this next year!

2. Various Easter musings by friends.

3. An annual Wrightian dose for Easter: Resurrection and Rock’n’Roll — “‘The way I look at it,’ he said, ‘is this: if God raised Jesus Christ from the dead, all the rest is basically rock’n’roll.’” And a sermon at the Easter morning: Water, Fire, and Breakfast.

4. Larry Hurtado (Professor of New Testament Language, Literature and Theology at the University of Edinburgh), on how the first Christians understood Jesus’ resurrection (HT: dun).

5. We need to admit that one of the deficiencies of Evangelical theology is we tend to emphasize much more on what happened on Friday and care less about what happened on that Sunday morning. In fact yesterday a friend said to me that has not sin been defeated on Friday, so we can say ‘Happy Easter’ already on Friday. Or, to quote Daniel Kirk‘s words (he is a New Testament Professor at Fuller Theological Seminary) on his column in Christianity Today, “If we are completely saved from our sins through the Cross, what’s the point of the empty tomb?” Read his column to appreciate better the Resurrection Sunday: A Resurrection that Matters.

6. An Easter sermon by Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury: “Good news? Emphatically yes. But not easy news.”

7. Christ is risen and it’s not an April fool (or is it? 1 Cor 1.18-31). Christos anesti!

Christos anesti ek nekron,
Thanato thanaton patisas,
Kai tis en tis mnimasi
Zo-in kharisamenos!

Christ is risen from the dead,
Trampling down death by death,
And upon those in the tombs
Bestowing life!


13 thoughts on “Easter at the Far East

        1. hezron

          perjamuan kudus kita masing2 kasih setetes darah, trus diminum bersama, lambang persaudaraan =_=

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