Marching through March

Or, to be more truthful, limping through March.

1a. The mice MR experiments went well. We have been planning to do more experiments and yesterday my prof said to me that actually with the next set of experiments I would have had enough data to write my thesis. Nevertheless, due to the nature of my work, which will involve a lot of routine work for the collaboration with a drug company, I might need another two years to complete my study. Well, at most, though, since that’s the limit that my prof has set.

1b. First things first. Need to have my confirmation in June.

1c. At the end of our first year of undergrad study, we needed to indicate what course we wanted to take: EEE, MAE, CEE, etc. At that time I considered two options: EEE and BIE. In the end I chose EEE over BIE because it would be the first batch for BIE at that time and I didn’t want to take the risk. And now I am working in a Biomedical field. Go figure.

2a. We visited HealthServe in Geylang area as part of Mission Exposure Trip preparation and they brought us to a dorm in Kaki Bukit, and I hope it had been an eye-opening (and, hopefuly, heart-changing) experience for some if not most.

2b. The Passion of the Christ must have been the movie with most montages made ever. And I do think that Jesus’ crucifixion was not as gory as it was depicted in the movie. Crucifixion is still not a pretty scene, nonetheless.

3. At least Arsenal didn’t lose to Barca at home. No shame if they lose at Nou Camp, though. At best, Arsenal is only Barca-lite.


4 thoughts on “Marching through March

      1. Kristo

        LOL. bukannya waktu ngobrol di MRT sem kemaren lu bilang soon ya? =p

        Semangat sept =)

        btw. poin no 2b –> so very true :p. film yang paling “diperkosa”

        1. septian Post author

          harusnya wkt itu jawabnya ‘may’ ya.. ‘may be yes.. may be no..’ benernya klo full-time phd ud lewat ini tenggat waktu confirmationnya, tp berhubung part-time jd ga ada batesnya.. :p thk u to :)

          hooh.. i just saw ur video montage and, lo and behold, it was there as well haha :p

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