On translational research

Translational research (from cells to animal to human) is based on a belief-principle that if something applies in, say, animal level, it will apply as well in human, although with a different magnitude of effect (and, in some cases, an altogether different kind of effect). Partly it is based on the theory of evolution. Since we came from the same evolutionary line, anything applies in one part of the line can be translated into another part of it (and hence the double case of similarity-and-dissimilarity, since similarity implies difference and not identity).

Or, to use the biblical term to denote a perhaps similar thing for it, ‘each according to its kind’: “Let the earth sprout vegetation, plants yielding seed, and fruit trees bearing fruit in which is their seed, each according to its kind, and the earth.” (Gen 1.12) There is some kind of order in the creation. Corn plants yield corn seed, durian trees bear durian fruit, rose sprouts rose. Creation is orderly. Although admittedly the order described in the quoted passage is an intra-species kind of order, perhaps the principle can be extended as well to an inter-species kind of order. Which is what translational research is all about. Anyway there is only one God from whom are all things and one Lord through whom are all things. And that should establish it.


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