To have your project collaborating with a pharma is humbling. At least it means your project is worthy enough to be taken up by a pharma. Although, on the other hand, well, it means more (and more) works to be done in lesser time. Need to switch from 9-6 mode to 7-11 mode, I guess. I learnt many things just from a few months I’ve been in this project. They only care about one thing: to deliver the project at the designated time. That’s all.

I also start to appreciate the efforts that the drug companies bring to develop a new drug for the sake of human being, given all criticisms that were usually directed at them for charging the drugs too expensively or claiming the drug patents too exclusively. Well, the matter of the fact is drug development is costly. A single drug compound could cost millions of dollars to develop (I’m not kidding) before it is FDA-approved and marketable. And hence a critical appraisal is needed rather than non-stop bashing.

It might be tiring, but there is no doubt that it is exciting.


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