Require celibacy not

Although I always said that the solution of abuse is not disuse but proper use, sometimes something needs to stop if the abuse kept going on and on. As much as I respect the theological basis of clerical celibacy in the Roman Catholic church, I guess clerical celibacy requirement must end, in the light of recent news about systematic sex abuse (and cover-up) in Ireland and Germany. If need be, let the celibacy be vowed voluntarily. The abuse phenomenon, sadly, is global. The tragedy must not be used as an excuse to be a jerk and to take a cheap shot at the Roman Catholic church, though. As much as we disagree with the Roman Catholic church, their problem is ours as well. Heck, our log might be larger than our brother’s speck.


6 thoughts on “Require celibacy not

  1. d

    The following, if true, will strengthen the argument stated above: celibacy is directly related to sex abuse cases.

    (too much studying o.o)

    funny to note that St. Peter is a married man, yet his spiritual successors are celibates; and St. Paul is a celibate, yet his spiritual successors are married.

    1. septian Post author

      on the other hand, what we now take for granted (clerical marriage) must have been a revolution back then when a monk named martin married a nun named kathy..

      1. yosua

        how about make it unusable rather than disuse (or proper use) like in ancient chinese kingdom :P but this problem rooted perhaps not in celibacy but more on wrong people at wrong position. Like what I used to hear “my son is not accepted in any school so I end up sending him to seminary..”

        1. septian Post author

          lol well jesus said that there are eunuchs who have been made eunuchs by men, so at least you have a biblical basis to do that.

          on the other hand the very least that we could do is to pledge ourselves not to forbid our brightest sons/daughters if they wanted to enrol in a seminary..

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