(Not) a mice story

I’ve been doing experiments with mice implanted with tumor for the past two weeks and will be doing those experiments at least until I finish my graduate study. A few notes:

1. The mice are implanted with human cancer cell lines, and I’ve done experiments using mice implanted with liver cancer and gastric cancer cell line. And I just knew that gastric tumor is firm and solid while the liver one is jelly-like. So if you pressed the area around your gastric and happened to found something hard, well, there’s no harm in checking a doctor. On the other hand, there’s no way you can tell whether you got a liver cancer from physical appearance alone since the liver is jelly-like as well. (This is a simplistic deduction from a dilettante, by the way, so don’t take it too seriously.)

2. I’ve become quite expert in executing the mice after scanning them (and dissecting them and taking the tumor out bla bla bla). Basically I would suffocate them and break their neck at the same time. My hands are, literally, bloody. My dearest flatmate who loves anything gory would be proud of me, I guess.

3. My prof commented after he saw me killing those mice: “You need to eat veggie for at least a few months.” And I ate chicken chop for lunch while all his food were veggies. (Of course, it is related to his Buddhist belief, i.e., I might be re-incarnated as a mouse in the future life.)


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