Any questions?

Speaking of questions of faith, how about if we conduct a simple discussion forum. I believe each of us has our own questions of faith and I also believe that one would benefit from a community which members support each other. This blog has grown into a kind of community itself so I guess we can try to make a simple discussion forum through this post. You can post your own questions of faith in the commenting section and then others could respond to the question through the comments as well. I won’t limit the scope of the questions for now, since I’m just treading water first to see the response. If it works, we might have future similar posts which deals with more specific topics.

For example, and as a start, here’s mine: Why was there so much violence in the Old Testament?


20 thoughts on “Any questions?

  1. d

    1. will the denominations make peace one another?
    2. mirip2 sama kaw punya. khususnya kitab yosua.


    1. septian Post author

      1. if anything, the number is just going to increase…

      anyway, i believe in a spectrum, where you have the ‘purity-at-any-cost’ at one end and ‘unity-at-any-cost’ at the other end.

      the problem is, i am more to the ‘unity-at-any-cost’ end but somehow i could not make peace with the ‘purity-at-any-cost’ one… i hate those fundies. so i hv contradicted myself i guess.

  2. septian Post author

    to re-phrase my and d’s second question (discuss under this comment):

    Why such atrocities in the Canaanite conquest (in the book of Joshua)?

    1. d

      i can only imagine it has sth to do with Him not abandoning history, yet it’s not exactly clear per se.

      the answers (strawmen) i dont really agree/dont believe it is as simple as that:
      1. the ‘obedient’: it is His will that the heathens die
      2. the ‘causality’: it is done so that [put any reference to the Israel kingdom or Jesus here]

    2. Kristo

      Kalau Dia ngga segalak itu, kira-kira apa efeknya ya?

      I agree with dundut that it’s definitely not that simple. But I think that may be one part of the reason: showing Israelites who He is, and how Holy He is?

    3. septian Post author

      baik bangsa Israel maupun kota Yerikho sama-sama dikhususkan/dikuduskan.

      yang satu dikuduskan untuk menjadi umatNya, dan yang lain ‘dikhususkan untuk dimusnahkan.’

      dan aspek dikhususkan/dikuduskan ini juga menjadi link yang menghubungkan mengapa bangsa Israel harus menumpas penduduk tanah Kanaan setidaknya di satu perikop: yang satu dikhususkan untuk dimusnahkan karena yang lain dikhususkan untuk menjadi umatNya (Ul 7). jika yang satu tidak dimusnahkan, yang lain tidak dapat menjadi umat yang sejati etc.

  3. Ind

    Gimana caranya bisa yakin kalo apa yang kita lakukan adalah apa yang Tuhan mau kita lakukan? In the same way, about prayer and the answers.

    1. yosua

      How do we know the will of God, when we don’t even perfectly get the will of our fellow humans?

      The subject of will is very dynamic that the answer of submission needs a regular examination and re-questioning. But thru this part we can sure that we always have a ‘relationship’ (that’s what more important right?).

      So the more political correct question is: Have I asked God on everything I do?

      About prayer, I believe, there are only two answers, ‘yes’ and ‘no’. When you see the answer of your prayer, then it is ‘yes’; if not then it’s ‘no’. As simple as that. ‘Wait’ is just another form of either a series of ‘no’ answers, or ‘yes’ but in different detail of what you pray for. Anyway, you can always pray persistently if you disagree with the answer :D

    2. septian Post author

      One perspective that is helpful to me is to realize that God doesn’t only answer our prayers, but he actually goes through the struggling process itself with us. So the process is inherently dynamic and semi-perpetual. Thats why I prefer to ‘enjoy the journey’ rather than to wait for a definitive answer. Yes, even for your life vocation. I guess I can use myself as an example (since you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, I guess I don’t need to explain it, do I?)

  4. yosua

    Will this discussion involves alot of biblical interpretation, or just simple free-for-all opinions? Any ROE (rule of engagement) applies?

    1. septian Post author

      gw pengen coba-coba dulu yos so simply free-for-all opinions for now. it turns out lumayan jg yg participate so i will do it again in the future with more specific scope :D

  5. Kristo

    Among those gods in the various religions in this world, can we objectively say that Christianity’s God is truly the truth? Or are we going to always be subjective in regard to this (since God is a personal God) and follow our gut feeling?

    1. d

      the objective can be subjective if you dont know the other well, the subjective can be objective if you know the other well.

      =p sans wordplay, i think the imporance here is not objective or subjective, but knowing the other/mengenal yang lianing lian itu/interjective

    1. d

      actually what i meant with “the other”/lianing lian is not not “everything”. it is the one other person, instead of the rest of the 6.6 billion homo sapiens.

      idealistic will always be the nature of the things written here in the blogospace, both Q&A, until it found its way unto our own hands.


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