The land of Egypt

The book of Exodus starts with the Israelites now living in Egypt. The people of Israelites were fruitful and increased greatly; they multiplied and grew exceedingly strong (1.7a). These descriptions clearly echoed Adamic-Noahic blessing and partly fulfilled the Abrahamic covenant.

And the land was filled with them (1.7b). An irony there at this sentence, because the land did not refer to the the land of Canaan — the land that YHWH promised to gave to them and the land that was supposed to be filled with them, but the land of Egypt.

So, in sum, what was the state in the beginning of the book of Exodus? The promises to Abraham had been fulfilled, albeit partly. The people of Israelites have multiplied greatly, they filled the land, but not the land of Canaan. And this book would tell the journey from Egypt to the that promised land.

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