A fable of February

1. My MR project progress with mice is encouraging. Preliminary results show some good results and we will try to write a paper. Now it’s time to translate all these writing experience into academic writing practice. And I am going to start the main project this month and hopefully will finish it by April or May. Which will be continued with my PhD confirmation. It is getting really exciting. Pray for diligence, wisdom, and faithfulness in working out the project.

2a. Really thankful to the Lord for the relationship. Pray that both of us indeed shall become one, or, to borrow the term used to describe Jonathan and David, ‘knitted to the soul’ of each other (1 Sam 18.1 — LAI-ITB: ‘berpaut’). Laying out and mapping the path for years ahead, but then, as the old saying goes, man proposes (pun not intended), God disposes. The journey is exciting precisely because God is in control.

2b. When you could not stop pondering on Gen 2.18-25 and Eph 5.22-33, you know what you’re up to.

2c. It is, indeed, amazing of how two could become one. It is a faint image of the Three-in-One.

2d. We were really blessed by the fellowship where we could share our joy with. Thank you.

3a. On ministries, was thankful for the first meeting of the mission trips. Lord willing, we would be able to send two or three teams for short mission exposure trips this coming semester long break.

3b. Still not ready yet for the upcoming sessions of doctrine of God. Indra asked me how on earth I have a lot of time to write on the blog yesterday. My answer would be, I should have used the time to prepare the materials for the session.

3c. And to write devotionals that you read every week in the church bulletin. I still owed five more before I can get a bit of rest.

3d. Today I had the church retreat meeting. The programs committee shared the complete retreat program this coming end of May. And it means start of work for the logistics committee, of which I am one of them. Unfortunately, PKTB camp is scheduled on the same weekend (Vesak Day weekend). Hmpffh.

3e. Not to mention that I should start writing a report for Mission for the next FESIM Congress (10 April). And I can start crying now.

3f. Need to plan ministries from next semester throughout. Personally, I want to be more focused. After wandering around all these years, I think I know already where my passion really lies. They are writing and teaching, both coming from the same stream: reading of Scriptures and other books. It’s just the matter of how you give back after so much reading stuffs. And, since my style of teaching still sucks, I want to learn more how to do it better. And there might be an opportunity just to do that in the church (thank God).

4a. And some random notes: loved the Taizé-style prayer meeting last month at church.

4b. A few weeks ago Duncan mentioned to me about making some kind of blog aggregator. So the idea would be whenever we stumbled upon an interesting post that we read somewhere on the world wide web, we would re-post it on the blog with some comments. A few weeks later, let there be Google Buzz! Could I say that God answered our prayers, albeit indirectly and in a way that we did not expect earlier?

4c. By the way, about the blog, by now perhaps you would have known what books I am currently reading in the Scriptures. I think I will be patient and not do my annual read-the-whole-Bible-in-one-year kind of thing (although I guess I will still be able to finish the NT, really can’t imagine not to read the NT for the whole year — bleh I’m so Marcionite). I want to blog through it. It may take years. And I may not even complete it in the end. But at least I’ll try. Let see how it goes (you know what is happening if I stop around Leviticus).

4d. I grow fat again.

4e. Why could not Arsenal defend long-throws? This morning I watched the highlights of Stoke City vs. Arsenal (3-1). Last night score was 1-3 to Arsenal, so I thought the title was a typo. Stoke scored the first goal which came from a long throw, then Arsenal equalized, but then Stoke City scored again to make me realized that I was watching a different game highlights. Apparently on the last game they met each other (FA Cup), Stoke City also scored against Arsenal with a long throw. Bleh.

4f. For the first time of my life I considered to change my passport. I just couldn’t believe how on earth two of the cleanest public servants that Indonesia has ever had were smacked down by the Parliament. Shame, real shame (I won’t, though).

4g. By the way, some of you might have realized that this is some kind of prayer letters. Some send prayer letters (or emails), well, I blog.


15 thoughts on “A fable of February

  1. Arifin Effendi

    3d -> diganti bos.. ga bakal di Mei..(ga bagus bentrok ma kegiatan gereja) ntar gw update lg.. menunggu rapat council selanjutnya.. n btw.. lbh bagus namany jadi retreat PKTB aja.. lbh terkesan relaxing :P (camp sounds so stressing haha)

    4e -> Rory Delap da 4x assist throw-in untuk bobolin gawang arsenal lol
    “noted by Aston Villa manager Martin O’Neill as equivalent to “a corner or a free kick”, often range 30–40 metres (98–130 ft) (averaging 38 m (120 ft)), and can reach the speed of 60 km/h (37 mph).”
    “Rory Delap served as the inspiration for Danny Brooks, a PE teacher from West Yorkshire who currently holds the world record for the longest throw-in. Brooks teaches at Brooksbank School Sports College in Elland. The record currently stands at 49.78 metres (163ft)”

      1. Arifin Effendi

        kayakny curse dari wayne bridge haha, cech cedera zzz, 2 kartu merah :(

        btw statitiknya:

        Chelsea 2 – 4 Manchester City
        27 Total Shots 9
        12 Shots on Target 6
        22 Fouls1 4
        3 Corner Kicks 2
        1 Offsides 3
        56% Possession 44%
        2 Yellow Cards 1
        2 Red Cards 0
        2 Saves 10

        1. septian Post author

          john terry can contact tiger woods if he needs some inspiration to write a statement of public confession :p

          anw, welcome to arsenal experience.

  2. pedro

    4f. i don’t want to say much about it. but i can’t. what has whatever happened in your country got to do with changing the passport? you live in an authoritarian country, full of self-benefiting gains (just in another sugar-coated form) which is just as dirty as bribery and corruption, but dressed in spotless streets, law and order, efficiency. (oh, very fattening.)

    in my little city, our state of democracy is on the verge of collapsing. our rights are being taken away, yet there are more and more 20-somethings coming out to the streets to voice their dissatisfaction – even if it is end it is fruitless (in human’s understanding). where is your prophetic voice gone?

    gosh, i sounded angry. but i trust that you understand what i was talking about. i should reserve other times to reply to other points. so many!

    1. septian Post author

      hey pete, i think u should read this type of posts with a pinch of salt, as sometimes it was meant to be a tongue in cheek :p

      1. pedro

        nah, i don’t like too salty stuff. maybe a pitch of sugar. :D

        and i didn’t read the last two words until now (i won’t).

        changing citizenship to the lion city is something so unthinkable to me, no matter how worse the pearl of the east becomes.

  3. Ind

    3c.errr… *mulai bersimpati*
    3e.*sigh* Start working on it then and don’t make a lot of posts EVERY SINGLE DAY! -_____-!

    4d.*lirik 4f* Jadi mo didoain apa? :P


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