Crumbs from the table

1. At the end of the day, you just can’t substitute age. Life is a lesson and the longer you are in it, the wiser you are (well, or should be). There is a reason why the elders of Israel and church were advanced in their age.

2. I really admire those who took initiative to take up others’ burden when they saw that a help was needed even if they were not asked to do so. Although, in my case (I was the one who got a breathing space), it would spell disaster if there were no help coming. Thank you Ko.

3. If we didn’t know really much about a topic, it would be perhaps much better not to comment on it so that we would not be found a fool.

4. Given two sets of similar-yet-different circumstances with similar goals, we would identify ourselves much easier with the one we are most comfortable with. The problem is, sometimes we antagonize the other one without any valid reason to do so. Why must we be pro and against, and not pro and neutral? Is siding ingrained in human nature?

5. Golden rule is, well, golden. Imagine the alternative, one which we often do, anyway, i.e., to do to other people what we actually do not want other people do to us.

6. To err is human, to grow through errors is renewed human.

7. Perhaps I tend to generalize my personal experience too much. Or is it again embedded in our humanity? And I just generalize once more.

8. Now you get the idea of how the Proverbs were collected. You observe, you reflect, you write it down. And, apply accordingly. To be able to apply a wisdom appropriately is a wisdom in itself. Wisdom, then, is embodied.


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