An early exercise in theology proper

Currently I am preparing materials for the next PU Kapsel for the first year students. The topic is the doctrine of God (the so-called theology proper). There are two sessions for this topic and the summary in the curriculum for the first one says that I should talk about the existence and attributes of God. But I don’t really like that kind of approach, so I will just assume that some kind of god(s) exist. The question is not, ‘Does God exist?’ but ‘What kind of god we believe in (and what does it imply)?’ I will not prove that God exists but will show what kind of god Christians believe in.

Nevertheless, I haven’t finalized yet my approach to deliver it. One thing for sure, I won’t show how god is omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent, etc (I took up most of the doctrinal contents in the curriculum yet I never presented them in a traditionally systematics way, I guess).

What I am thinking of to do is to look from the twin lenses of creation and covenant, i.e., knowing God who creates and redeems, or to look at the God who speaks, acts, and is present (the Word, Acts, and Presence of God — e.g., the Word became Flesh and tabernacled among us, Joh 1.14). From then of course the crux is Jesus, the only One who has made God, whom no one has ever seen, to be known (Joh 1.18, see also Joh 14.6, 17.3 — yeah, the session would be pretty Johannine, I guess). Hence I would try to deliver it from this angle: on knowing God.

The next session would be on the Trinity, and that would be very, very exciting. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and focus first on the first session.


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