Scribbles and scraps

1. In the midst of huge problems, sometimes we thought that after these, there would be no more problems in our life. Well that is just plainly unrealistic. We just need to accept that problems and challenges will keep coming in our life, and they will be more complex as we move on through phases of our life. The appropriate response then is perhaps not to pray for no more problems (it is completely humane to do that, though), but to pray that the Lord will be guiding us through them.

1b. And, a personal note, I really need to start confronting problems and not avoiding them anymore. At one point, I just can’t avoid them anymore. I will definitely hit into a wall.

2. Hidup kekal tidak sama dengan kepastian hidup kekal dan karena itu jangan sampai keduanya disamakan, dimana seakan-akan yang tidak memiliki ‘kepastian’ hidup kekal itu tidak selamat. Atau, sebaliknya, berpikir bahwa kita diselamatkan karena kita yakin diselamatkan.

3. Sometimes you can really suffer when you listen to a badly delivered sermon. You kept saying to yourself, “How long, O Lord? How long?” And to think that I did have given such a talk. Bleh.

4. In my opinion, prayer changes us more than it changes God.


3 thoughts on “Scribbles and scraps

  1. mustang

    1. it’s like when people think that after this thing then I’ll be free. in fact the business always come in and we need to make time and live with the business instead of waiting to have time.
    2. diff between what is true and how you know or how to show that it’s true
    3. by that u know what is mercy and peace :p


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