A pilgrim’s progress report

Corat-coret di bawah ini ditulis pada tanggal 16 Februari 2009, tepat satu tahun yang lalu. Waktu itu aku ingin sekedar menggoreskan bagaimana pemahamanku saat itu mengenai berbagai hal di bawah matahari. Satu tahun sudah berlalu, dan dalam beberapa hari ini aku akan segera meng-update-nya dengan pemahamanku saat ini.


I am firstly and foremost a student-movement person. I was born out of this movement, and honestly I identify myself more with FES than with GPBB.

I dislike conservative-liberal dichotomy (or any labeling whatsoever). At best, it helps to identify; at worst, it divides and misleads. Thus, I happily read everything I could grab, whether it is ‘conservative’ or ‘liberal.’ Though somehow I don’t read traditional Evangelical books that often now and am more enthusiastic in reading non-Evangelical books.

I am an Evangelical. But, again, I hate labeling.

My greatest influence is N.T. Wright, an Anglican bishop.

Recent influence: Eugene H. Peterson [suddenly it doesn’t look so recent anymore].

I still think Presbyterian structure is the most appropriate structure for the Church, though, on the other hand, I also respect highly locality (and, hence, independency) of a local church.

Living with paradoxes is to be Christian, as Niebuhr always says.

As a friend said a couple years ago, “Calvinism is logical; but it is not biblical.” I start to believe that this statement is true.

I dislike the obsession with heaven in Evangelical circles. The goal is resurrection, not heaven.

I love the Bible. Best book(s) ever. Hands down.

Panta ta ethne simply means Gentiles.

Jesus is King, Messiah, Lord.

I am all about empowering and equipping laymen. Thus, student-movement orientation.

I want to learn Hebrew and Greek someday.

I love Trinity. Best way to express God. Trinity is all about Love.

I love Incarnation even more. It is Love expressed.

To be Christian is to be a servant.

My economic paradigm: to work and to share; to cultivate and to give; to tile and to care.

My political paradigm: Jesus is Lord; God appoints ruler.

Again, live with paradoxes.

I am open to the possibility that Apostle Creed really came from the apostles.

I appreciate Documentary Hypotheses of Old Testament, three division of Isaiah, late dating of Daniel, kergymatic nature of the Gospels, myth-historical nature of Genesis 1-11, non-Mosaic authorship of (parts of) Pentateuch, non-Pauline authorship of the Pastorals.

Gospel of Mark is Petrine, Gospel of Matthew is Matthean, Gospel of Luke is Pauline, Gospel of John is Johannine.

Synoptic Problem? Q? Mark – Matthew – Luke.

Jesus is raised bodily from the dead.

My favorite keywords would be: Adam, Abraham, Israel, Covenant, Exodus, Exile, Eschatology, Kingdom of God, Jesus, Cross, New Heavens and New Earth.

I love liturgical worship.

I love the people of God.

I love the Holy Communion.

I bleed Mission.

I want to deconstruct (and reconstruct) EE.

I appreciate postmodernism and embrace some of its ethos.

Much of Calvinism ethos is still captivated in modernism, but they just don’t realize it.

I am all about context.

And about worldview.

And history.

Context, worldview, history.

I like Peter Enns’ incarnational model of the Scripture.

I pray for the unity of the Church.


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