Become like a child

Pure, unadulterated joy.

Bought these books via Peter, for a grand total of $40.

1. Marcus Borg, Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time: The Historical Jesus & The Heart of Contemporary Faith, HarperCollins.

2. Stanley Hauerwas & William Willimon, The Truth About God: The Ten Commandments in Christian Life, Abingdon.

3. Larry Hurtado, How on Earth Did Jesus Become a God? Historical Questions about Earliest Devotion to Jesus, Eerdmans.

4. Gustavo Gutierrez, A Theology of Liberation: History, Politics, and Salvation, Orbis.

5. James M. Robinson, The Nag Hammadi Library, HarperCollins.

6. Bart D. Ehrman, Misquoting Jesus: The Story Behind Who Changed the Bible and Why, HarperCollins.

7. Bart D. Ehrman, A Brief Introduction to the New Testament, OUP.


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