A postconservative post

After I finished reading those two Paul books, I haven’t started reading any new book yet. Yesterday morning I picked up Kevin Vanhoozer‘s The Drama of Doctrine to accompany my journey with bus to school. I bought it one and a half year ago and I still didn’t have chance to read it. So I guess I just want to read a few pages to see whether I should read it or whether I should read other book. And I managed to read the preface. I found an interesting passage here:

The two-party system of conservative and liberal no longer seems adequate to describe what is taking place. Some twenty years ago, George Lindbeck produced a manifesto of sorts for a postliberal, cultural-linguistic theology and a regulative theory of doctrine. The present book sets forth a postconservative, canonical-linguistic theology and a directive theory of doctrine that roots theology more firmly in Scripture while preserving Lindbeck’s emphasis on practice. (p. xiii, emphasis original)

And I agreed wholeheartedly with him. I am tired of the conservative-liberal dichotomy which seems to prevail wherever I go. The dichotomy is neat, but it is too simplistic and hence not accurate. There is a huge space in between. Personally, I am pretty ‘conservative’ but I really like reading the so-called ‘liberal’ books. I just can’t fathom why we should not read such books. Surely you won’t agree with everything inside the book, but, should it not be the case with any other book?


2 thoughts on “A postconservative post

  1. septian Post author

    I just realized that Vanhoozer deliberately complemented Lindbeck:

    Lindbeck: The Nature of Doctrine
    Vanhoozer: The Drama of Doctrine

    L: postliberal
    V: postconservative

    L: cultural-linguistic theology
    V: canonical-linguistic theology

    L: a regulative theory of doctrine
    V: a directive theory of doctrine


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