everything under the first moon

1. Pattern recognition of days of blogging in a month from Oct’09 to Jan’10. I’m quite convinced that if we use the Student’s t-test it will give a statistically significant result.

2. Mice project deadline: 19 April. FESIM Congress: 10 April. I’m so dead.

3. Adhi used to say ‘paket A’ when he wanted to mean ‘standard prayer request.’ Now we’ve come up with a new phrase: ‘paket P3’ — pekerjaan, pacaran, pelayanan (for Pedro: work, relationship, ministry).

4. Yesterday our small group prepared a meal together at my place. We planned to have mie/bihun bakso (for Pedro: see pics), but the small group leader (that is, yours truly) bought so-oen instead of bihun. Epic fail. Anyway, if anything failed, Indomie comes to the rescue!

5. Work has been hectic, wonderfully hectic though. Lord willing, I think I’ll be able to write two papers this month.

6. We sent three abstracts to this year’s ISMRM Annual Meeting in Stockholm, Sweden, and thank God all of them were accepted. On the other hand, I won’t be going to the meeting. Not enough money to fund me and my prof. And I’ve said to him that I’ll be writing my confirmation report while he was there. And I’ll have my confirmation after he went back. So it’ll be around mid-May or so.

7. Perhaps, then and only then I can breathe a bit more.


3 thoughts on “everything under the first moon

  1. yosua

    maaf, bukannya bermaksud tidak sopan, tapi ada baiknya layout barunya direvise kembali, sebab agak ‘sedikit’ cramped menurut saya..


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