faithful again

Sometimes I would find a person who asked where God was in the midst of their problems, where he seemed to be silent when we needed him the most, where he seemed to be not hearing our prayers. I believe those are genuine expressions of faith, although on the other hand somehow its always the other way around for me. Again and again I found myself disobedient and faithless in what I do, be it on work or ministry, yet again and again God was there and immanuel. And I just can’t be thankful enough.

If I were amazed by grace back then, I am more amazed by his faithfulness now. This saying is trustworthy: God is faithful.


3 thoughts on “faithful again

  1. pedro

    Yours is the third time in 2 days that I encounter on the same discussion. I have problems with people asking ‘Where is God?’ and ‘What’s my purpose?’ as real, frequently asked as they are. The questions show that a person still have some ways to go in understanding (and experiencing) God, and who He is. I believe they are the wrong questions asked. But you have put it in a much more diplomatic way, ‘genuine expressions of faith.’ (A sign again, you’re best at spin doctoring.) Absolutely, I agree with you that He is there, while we are disobedient and faithless. All we need, is to be ever thankful, and seek to be more faithful to Him.

    1. septian Post author

      I do believe that those are genuine expressions of faith (and doubt, since perhaps there is no end for a dialectic between faith and doubt), though, and perhaps biblical ones as well, in the sense like, say, when the psalmists asked ‘how long o Lord?’ while they were waiting for deliverance from the Lord. But of course more often than not they can be self-serving as well. :)

  2. yosua

    which expression is more self-centered then?
    asking “where is God (that is faithful) ?” or asking “Am I faithful enough ?”


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