vice versa

Theological reflections done in a relationship (pun intended) have their own distinctive. Particularly helpful was the metaphor that apostle Paul used to describe the relationship between Christ and the church, i.e., between the husband and the wife. Can we say that the husband and the wife is an image of Christ and the church? If the answer is yes, then, being in such relationship should enrich both parties’ understanding of how Christ loves his church, and, vice versa, how Christ loves his church should edify the relationship itself.


9 thoughts on “vice versa

  1. yosua

    interesting.. so we already know who the husband, the wife and the Christ. Then with which ‘church’ are you comparing this relation? :P

  2. pedro

    i would have a totally different understanding, i have no problem with the christ VS church, husband VS wife metaphor. but WE as christians are to christ, his wives (wife, to be politically correct), we are to be in this MARRIAGE relationship with him, the son of god/ our savior.

    the wife metaphor associated with the church, is not concerned with the sexual gender. so whether we are guys or ladies, we all are WIVES to christ.

    i would think that metaphors help us understand our relationship with god/ christ, more than the other way round.

    what do you think?

    p.s. and surely, jesus could not have been depriving those without wives or husbands, implying that they had a weaker relationship with him.

    1. septian Post author

      oit. i dont think our understanding is different. to put it differently, im just saying that i think differently now as compared to before. who you are does shape how you think.

      well, i also realize that what im writing could imply the things that you wrote in your ‘p.s.’, and thats why i used the word ‘distinctive’, not ‘better’ in my original post.

      i still stand with ‘the other way round’ though. that is, the Christ-church relationship should, in some way, inform how the husband and the wife behave toward each other. not to disregard both traditional and contemporary models of husband and wife in all cultures and ages, but i think we should put a priority to the Christ-church relationship as the primary model for it.

    1. yosua

      bagus kok ini wal, artinya pacaran nya sehat karena makin banyak ‘teological reflection’, rite?
      hm… rite?


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