creation and re-creation

A friend once said to me, love makes people creative. Our love reflects God’s love (or, God who is love) and God creates us out of his love. Thus, love is creative and creational.

To dwell on the matter further, I remember the twin theme of creation and covenant, which featured pretty prominently in Barth, Torrance, and Wright. Hence, if love is creational, then love is re-creational, as well, as the God who creates the world is also the one who redeems and recreates it. He does not only love his creation at the beginning, but he is prepared to love it until the very end, although it might hurt him back in the process. Indeed, we hurt him. And we hurt him badly. Nevertheless, he didn’t leave his creation as it was when we rebelled against him. In fact, he was the one who initiated to rescue us from this mess. He made a covenant with us, pledged himself to bless the world. And he is true to his pledge, by sending his only Son to the world, not to judge it, but to save it — through the Cross, the most concrete expression of love ever.

Thus, love is re-creational, as well. It heals. It forgives. It reconciles. It brings forth things anew.


9 thoughts on “creation and re-creation

      1. Arifin Effendi

        hm.. kykny br kemaren kita ngobrol ttg love is creative… dari sapa ya yg pertama ngomong tuh? (penasaran)

        *ga sekalian nge-quote 1 Korintus 13 di akhir blog? :)

        1. Ind

          Buset dah.. haha… Love (agape) change a lot of people.. It seems that love (eros) can change people too.. =9

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