early year holy communion

It’s the second consecutive year that I would miss the early year Holy Communion. Both of Gereja Kristen Indonesia (GKI) and the Presbyterian Church in Singapore (PCS), true to their common Calvinist roots, held Holy Communion four times a year (I think I’ve written the reason behind the policy a few months ago): the beginning of the year, Easter, mid-year, and late September/early October. The problem is, GKI held it on the second week of the year, while PCS held it on the first week of the year. So this morning I worshipped at a GKI near my house and we went through the sensuramorum (preparation for the Holy Communion). At the same time, my friends in Singapore has taken their bread and their wine today.

I sound bitter, don’t I.


5 thoughts on “early year holy communion

  1. pedro

    that’s the thing abt churches who don’t celebrate the holy communion more often. in churches of christ (my australian church denomination) they celebrate it every week. i wrote a paper about it. though most churches only celebrate the holy communion once a month, i think there is a point for celebrating the holy communion more often than not. while perhaps celebrating quarterly may also be justifiable.

    you won’t feel so miserable if the holy communion is held more often, in the case you miss one.


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