random post-camp rants

1. On the last night the students had their usual testimonial writing session, where they needed to write a testimonial for each of them. And this session took hours to finish. Better still, they needed to write testimonials also for those who actually had attended the camp but needed to go off first before the session (sweet). And, finally, for Ci Mel, Vibo, and me (honestly, I was really happy when they said that).

Herry said that the practice started in ’04 (never knew about it, my first time going to camp was in ’06). And I decided to look for the ’06 testimonial sheet when I reached home to compare it with the ’09 one, to see how much I’ve changed. One difference that can be easily seen from ’06 is now most of the students called me ‘Ko.’ Its pretty natural, though, since younger ones keep coming in. Anyway I was really encouraged by the testimonials. Thank you.

2. Tiga tahun lalu gw ikut camp dan sekarang udah nggak inget sama sekali sesi gabungannya bahas apa aja. Seriously, I can’t even remember the theme of the camp. I do remember what we learnt during the KapSels, though: Secrets of the Vine and Membuat Bahan PA. Let see whether three years later the same thing applied to my talk (well, at least, remember my jokes!).

3. After camp, I went to the Singapore Botanical Garden to meet Yosua, Vero, Herry, and Inek (and Martin and Zen but we didn’t really share time together) for our ‘naman’ session (nge-taman). Anyway, I was very late. We agreed to meet at 11am but I reached SBG at 1145am. Then I still needed to go to the central part of the garden which took me another 10-15 minutes. By the time I reached there, exhaustion and heat took in, so I decided to wait yet another 10-15 minutes to take a rest. Only then I followed YVHI. We sat under the shades, sang songs, chit-chatted, etc. I took a short nap also before the four of us (Inek left the place earlier) went off to Lucky Plaza to have lunch at the Ayam Bakar Ojolali. I showed them the testimonial book and they laughed on why the students seem to be impressed by me. So Vero decided to leave yet another testimonial at the end of the book. It goes like this.

‘Sept, camp udah kelar. Saatnya lu disadarkan dari semua dusta LOL. I thank God for Herry and IGCF camp, so that we can now be friends and have lunch together. Have a nice weekend.’

lol. Anyway, about the ‘Herry and IGCF camp’, I was very shy in ISCF at the beginning (jgn muntah ya bacanya) and didn’t really know many people, including Vero, 2 years senior of me. So actually I know (much) more juniors than seniors.


32 thoughts on “random post-camp rants

  1. Arifin Effendi

    so sweet <3
    wiw.. nama PKTB gw di-mention specifically di testi ya :D mmg luar biasa PKTB gw haha
    at least dgn mengenal bnyk junior akan membuat anda lbh "berprospek" kan? :D

    1. septian Post author

      ok secara lu komen ini gw tulis deh testi lu taun 06 n 09:

      06: ‘very friendly… tampang org pinter =p en deket dgn Tuhan =D … Gud luck buat KTB. GBU ^_^’

      09: ‘Prata, love reigns <3, AE.'

      tenks ye.

  2. Veronica

    o em ji… ok lah since herry ud disebut2, ga afdol kalo yosua ketinggalan… itu testi gue inherits jurus yosua yang menarik org stlh dilambungkan tinggi2… jurus gravitasi namanya… =P

  3. yosua

    salah ver, nama jurusnya: “Tennis serve”
    diambung tinggi2… terus dismash! (bukan ditarik)

    Arifin kayanya kebanyakan gaul ama lo sep, ud pake ‘<3' segala…

  4. Ind

    I just knew it’s gonna be posted here…. Makanya gw suruh si jo sama lia ngasihnya ke ‘yang sering dateng’ aja, which are: lu, ko vibo, sama ci mel… =D

      1. Arifin Effendi

        senang bngt ya dapet testi2… apalagi sebagai seorang narasumber.. jadi testiny most likely positif2 semua :P

  5. hezron

    ’06 lu yg nulis ini bukan sih sept buat gw: “Hoi, terus bertumbuh di dalam Tuhan ya! Treasure your PKTB, i look at him also! Semoga bisa lebih kenal lagi =) Jalanmu masih panjang, kiranya Tuhan pakai hidupmu, untuk Dia saja!”

    gw lihat tulisannya mirip tulisan lu sih, tp liat contentnya terlalu rohani, kaya bukan lu yg nulis =P

      1. hezron

        mungkin ini pengaplikasian 1 Kor 9: 20-22, dulu lu rohani, tp skrg tidak terlihat demikian, “bagi orang yg kurang rohani, septian menjadi orang yang kurang rohani” <3

        1. Arifin Effendi

          Dengan orang yang kurang rohani… Dia menjadi orang yang kurang rohani
          Dengan orang jayus.. Dia menjadi jayus..
          Tetapi dengan orang yang uda “merah”… Dia blm bisa menjadi “merah” :P

        2. yosua

          “merah” itu pilihan bukan kewajiban
          masalah kesempatan bukan kemampuan
          perlu kecocokan bukan ketertarikan
          dan yang pasti: usaha bukan doa

  6. Ryl

    Kemungkinannya dua kan sept?
    1. Seharusnya sept…..
    2. Dari sisi si pendoa, ya kan ya?
    Tapi Yos, tergelitik ama line terakhir comment lu, coba dielaborasikan dong, dengan argumen 2 komen terakhir.I believe it will be interesting ? :D

    1. yosua

      Untuk sekedar “merah” sih ga perlu intercession, karena untuk kembali “hijau” juga tidak butuh intercession.

      So, maafin gw sep, gw memang selama ini tidak berdoa buat lo supaya “merah”.

      Kalau lo rasa ini memang waktunya, beritahukanlah, dan gw akan mulai berdoa untuk “hitam permanen” aka mati lampu..


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