I’ve been abandoning this blog for awhile and I can’t really remember when was the last time I wrote a substantial post. Anyway, I’ve been busy preparing my talk for NTU-ISCF camp, which is held from 9-12 Dec (those who want to come tonight can still do so). I spoke in three sessions, two KapSels and one combined. And the combined one scared me the most. I reached the camp site on Wednesday evening and joined the final year KapSel session delivered by Rusmin, ‘Making an Impact: Family.’ Afterwards we moved back to our chalet and after I had the evening devotion with Apunk, I spent my time rehearsing the morning combined session. Its a bit funny, really, since some of the students actually saw me rehearsing lol.

The next day came, we woke up around 6am or so but the first session was still at 10am (this year’s camp was really nice, you see, the number of sessions is much fewer than previous years). And finally  my turn came. I followed what Kak Pet said during ASW Narasumber training, that we are to prepare a joke before we start our talk. And I guess it really works lol. And anyway knowing most of your audience does help. Although in the end I finished it too soon, I guess. And Vibo said that they can’t really read some of the materials in my slides. Hmpffh.

The next two KapSel sessions were OK, as well (I think), and the next thing I did was helping the comms to prepare the supper and something like that. I went off around 1030pm and reached home at 1215am.


Anyway some random pics taken with my phone (Sandy took the first one when he borrowed my phone):

This guy is reading my blog yet he never posted any comment. This is your time to do so.

Yang kena bully abis main Samson-Delilah-Singa. They need to follow a certain pose prescribed by the gamemaster lol.


5 thoughts on “camp’09

  1. Arifin Effendi

    ok.. first comment zzz
    tidak diceritakan ttg ga bisa tidur? ngamen? :)

    (sampai di-mention gitu… dari dulu da nunggu2 komen gw terus ye?)

    1. Arifin Effendi

      hm.. koq ga ada notification reply dari komen ini y? padahal da gw subscribe…
      sip boi.. baca dl new entry-nya <3


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