lomba menghias buah

Lots of fun at church today. I went to the church in the afternoon to have Bible Study preparation for next Saturday’s young adults fellowship. I wanted to go back immediately afterwards but I guessed I better checked out the ‘Lomba Menghias Buah’ first at level 3 before I left. It turned out that I couldn’t leave and needed to accompany one group which didn’t have enough personnels. And the groups were really creative! Here are the pics from every group:

1. Ascension of Jesus to Heaven (Icha’s group).

2. Five loaves, two fish, and twelve baskets.

3. David and Bathsheba (Inek’s group).

4. Nativity of Jesus.

5. Tower of Babel (the winner, btw).

6. Garden of Eden (Yosua’s group).

7. And my favorite, David vs Goliath (Naput’s group).

Then we watched some trick shows from Philips (the last one was good!), before we closed by, well, eating the fruits. I ate Bathsheba, btw.

And Yosua told me to blog about this in case anyone tries to search ‘bagaimana cara menghias buah’ on Google.


3 thoughts on “lomba menghias buah

  1. yosua

    it is supposedly: Five loaves, two fish, and twelve baskets “leftover”.
    Yet counting the fact you are in that group, I believe it was fifteen baskets “leftover” but only twelve “survives” :P


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