a broken body coil

Last Friday I did an experiment in SBIC until around 1030pm or so. I wanted to return all the equipments into their proper place before I left, but I clumsily dropped off one of the equipments and one of its parts was broken. I tried to glue it back but it didn’t work, so I just put everything in its place before I left. I felt really bad but somehow I managed to escape from the reality on the weekend. Monday came and of course I needed to admit my mistake to the people in SBIC. I told them what happened and asked what I can do to atone for my error. They checked the equipment and found that it was still working fine. They also managed to glue the broken part back although now it is not as firm as it used to be. I was very relieved to hear that, but still, I need to arrange another time slot where I can continue my experiment over there. And it’s really hard to ask their permission to do another experiment. I still feel really bad over the whole thing. Worse, I need to do it within this week. Even worse, this is only the beginning of our collaboration, and I think I have done a major letdown to my collaborators in SBIC. I felt like skubala.


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